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Tips that Canadian small business owners can take from kids

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ask why and take risks, recommends leadership expert Hugh MacPhie

Running a small business is something that many Canadian small business owners would love to improve on. A recent article from the Globe and Mail claims that business owners can get advice on how to run their businesses from the most unlikely of sources: their children.

Hugh MacPhie, author of a book about leadership, says that more business owners need to ask why more often. Children ask why all the time, he says, because they are trying to uncover the root of how things work. Similarly, business owners should try to find out why certain things work and why others don't for their organization.

Taking risks is another part of a child's daily life - they are taking risks constantly, and meet with both success and failure often. Business owners should strive for innovation, says MacPhie, and that is often achieved through risk taking. "Actively encourage employees to take smart risks, and not fear failure," MacPhie told the Globe and Mail.

A recent article from Business Insider recommends that business owners not be afraid to commit to a project. The ability to commit encourages business owners to finish projects, rather than simply moving on.

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