Digital or direct mail? Weighing the benefits of marketing campaigns

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Small business owners should consider which channels deserve their marketing dollars

As Canadians face a tough recession, entrepreneurs may be interested in getting the most out of their marketing dollars. It might be worthwhile to consider the benefits of direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

According to experts at, email marketing services take the lead in terms of cost-effectiveness. It's easy to understand why. To start, digital campaigns can reach people around the world for one low cost while direct mail campaigns require postage. Then, the funds saved on printing and paper might be too significant to ignore.

There are other benefits to digital campaigns beyond the costs that might give email marketing campaigns the competitive edge. A paperless approach is an automatic green approach, and Burst Media Research reports that environmentally conscious marketing campaigns are favored by 80 percent of respondents.

But green emails are not a surefire way to win consumer dollars. Entrepreneurs told the Wall Street Journal that direct mail campaigns were successful among clients who liked the "personal touch" approach.

Ultimately, a combination of direct and digital mail campaigns might be key to successful small business marketing. Experts at Marketing Week say direct mail campaigns are most effective when combined with digital platforms.


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